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Live action Lupin’s nemesis, Michael Lee and other supporting characters make an appearance in this latest batch of promotional photos.

While it’s nice to see some original characters, I’m hoping they don’t steal the spotlight away from the main five too much. Only time will tell - we’re only a little over a month away until the film releases!

No one can steal the spotlight from Oguri Shun


Shun Oguri Lupin III figurine coming soon, courtesy of MediCom Toys!

MediCom Toys have just announced a special edition Real Action Heroes Lupin III figurine / doll at Wonfest (Wonder Festival) in Chiba, Japan.

Wonfest is a bi-annual event which takes place at the Makuhari Messe convention center. The convention typically covers scale model kits, but also often features figurines and statues from various anime, mecha, sci-fi and manga works.

Shun Oguri’s famous likeness will features on a new figurine, which is to be released in tie in with the upcoming live action film. Included is his iconic red jacket and Walther P-38 gun. The likeness is very good - it’s like having a miniature Shun for your household!

Maybe there will be green and black jacket variations too - we’re sure hoping so!

Back in November 2013, a Real Action Heroes variation of the Lupin character featured in A Woman Called Fujiko Mine was released by the same company.

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Gaaaaahd! I am so needing to buy this!!


(Source: ogurin-tomasu)


Live action Lupin III premieres in front of over 4,000 people!

The red carpet premiere for the upcoming live action film has taken place in Tokyo, Japan.

The film aired for the very first time in front of over 4,000 individuals. The event also included special guest appearances from Shun Oguri, Meisa Kuroki, Tetsuji Tamayama, Tsuyoshi Ayano, Tadanobu Asano, Jun Kim and many more.

It’s reported that the audience blew up in excitement when Oguri ran onto the stage, with a loud roar of cheering and clapping heard throughout the hall.

Oguri has expressed keen interest in performing in a sequel to the film. Looking at this turnout, I think it’s safe to say that this one is on track to do well at box office. A second (or third, if you’re counting the 1974 one) live action film might be more likely than you think!

[Source: Eiga]

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Oguri Shun never fails to amaze and impress!


Some new pictures about the movie Lupin The Third in promotion with Taisho X Walker Plus
Part 01/02

Can’t get enough!!


Some new pictures about the movie Lupin The Third in promotion with Taisho X Walker Plus
Part 02/02

Oh Oguri Shun!!


A couple more photos of the Real Action Heroes Shun Oguri figure, sporting his live action Lupin III costume.

Thanks, Köpke!

I will get my hand on this!!!!



Lupin X Fujiko dance
part 02/02

Is that who I think it is, sitting in that chair…?

Eeeeek! Excited to see the movie!!


Lupin X Fujiko dance
part 01/02

My heart fell. ‘Nuff said.


Yet another Lupin III X Fiat 500 TV commercial!

This one features a snippet of Trick Attack, the main theme song for the film. It’s pretty snappy and to the point. I like it!

Cutie TVC for Fiat! Oguri Shun as Lupin III is so handsome!


Here are a few new promotional photos from the upcoming live action Lupin III film.

[Source: Cinema Today]

Lupin III promo posters!!


Shun Oguri unloads his massive cannon over a group of lovely ladies!

Oh my!

Actor Shun Oguri, who takes the role of the live action Lupin III in the upcoming film, has participated in a popular Japanese summer event.

Over three-hundred fans packed in to Tokyo’s Shiba Park to greet the star, who turned up on a lovely red carpet with a troupe of bikini clad “Lupin Dancers.” He’s certainly not without his fans, as it’s reported the audience were high energy and greeted him with cheers and applause.

Oguri made a short speech on his work in the upcoming Lupin III film, and he then pulled out a massive water cannon and sprayed it all over his dancers (and most of the audience.)

Due to the wind direction, Oguri himself became soaked pretty quickly, although he expressed that it “felt good” because of the heat. The big drip. He then headed to a nearby temple to pray, which is also an important part of the now over 600-year old celebration.


Cutie pie!! :D


The Lupin Gang ©eigamaga via twitter



The Lupin Gang
©eigamaga via twitter



Live action Lupin III costume exhibition coming to the ITOCHU Aoyama Art Square in Tokyo!

These live action movie costumes are really doing the rounds, as of late!

Head on down to the ITOCHU Aoyama Art Square between the 8th - 23rd of September and check out the very costumes that feature in the upcoming live action film! We assume they’ve been washed.

Admission is free and the exhibition is open seven days a week, between the hours of 11am and 7pm. 

Nakazato Tadauma, creator of the fashion label YUIMA NAKAZATO, is the mastermind designer behind all costumes on display. You can read up on some quite interesting information about him by visiting the source link below.

[Source: Itochu Square]

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Yay! Lupin III Live Action Movie costume display on September!! I want to see!


Jean Louis Sabaji Spring-Summer 2014

Wow! Love this gown.

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